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Please be informed that the following companies/websites (as at 10 August 2016) are NOT AUTHORIZED

by either Neato Robotics, Inc. or Corvan Asia Sdn Bhd to sell or service Neato products in Malaysia:


                                                                   1.  - unauthorized

                                                                   2. - unauthorized

                                                                   3.  - unauthorized

                                                                   4. unauthorized

                                                                   5. - unauthorized

                                                                    6. - unauthorized

                                                                    7. -  unauthorized 

                                                                    8. AI Empire Sdn Bhd - unauthorized


Neato Robotics, Inc and Corvan Asia are not able to verify the authenticity of Neato product sold by these unauthorised sellers. In addition, Neato products sold by these sellers are not authorised to be used in Malaysia. Therefore, Neato Robotics and Corvan shall not be responsible for any safety risk, technical suport, supply of parts and accessories of such product in Malaysia. 

TO PROTECT YOUR INTEREST, please check that your purchase from any online site

is supplied/fulfilled by Corvan. 

Officially Appointed Online Sites