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Please be informed that the following companies/websites (as at 10 April 2015) are NOT AUTHORIZED by either Neato Robotics, Inc. or Corvan Technology Sdn Bhd to sell Neato products in Malaysia:


                                                                 1.  - unauthorized

                                                                 2. - unauthorized

                                                                 3.  - unauthorized

                                                                 4. unauthorized

                                                                 5. - unauthorized

                                                                 6. - unauthorized

                                                                 7. -  unauthorized 

                                                                 8. AI Empire Sdn Bhd - unauthorized


BE AWARE that parallel import of Neato products are NOT AUTHORISED to be sold and or used in Malaysia. Although these unauthorised resellers may provide "SELLER WARRANTY", they DO NOT come with manufacturer warranty and official after sales support from Neato Robotics, Inc. or Corvan.

Officially Appointed Online Sites