Corvan User Referral Program (URP) Terms and Conditions

  1. Each Referrer is appointed and permitted by Corvan to communicate by direct introduction or recommendation to third parties through any medium on a one-to-one basis. Recommendations made by mass mailings or similar forms of communication are not Referrals and will NOT be eligible for the Referral Reward. 
  1. An eligible Referrer must be invited by Corvan Asia Sdn Bhd (Corvan) to participate in the Program. Referrers should not have business dealing either directly or indirectly with any companies or persons who are competitors of Corvan’s products. 
  1. Referrers will be issued a unique URP Code. Referred Friends shall present/enter in this URP Code during checkout at Corvan’s Signature Store or e-commerce sites and

As a reference, the product currently available includes:

  • Neato Robotic Vacuum
  • picaBot Robotic vacuum
  • picaMop Rotary Mop
  • Power Scrub P6
  • UV Bed Vacuum V6
  • EveryBot Robotic Mop
  • handiMop Spin Mop 
  1. If a Referred Friend makes an eligible purchase using your Coupon Code, you will receive a Referral Reward equivalent to 8% of the purchase amount applied to product selling price excluding shipping and other miscellaneous charges. Your Referral Reward will be paid through bank transfer to your bank account by the 10th of the month after your Referred Friend’s purchase is completed before the last day of the preceding month. Note that if a Referred Friend makes a purchase through any method other than by providing your Coupon Code, you will not receive the Referral Reward. 
  1. Any abuse of this Program, as determined by Corvan at our sole discretion, may result in the revocation of the Referrer Reward, as well as the inability to participate in this Program or future Corvan promotions.

This Program is subject to modification or termination at any time at Corvan’s sole discretion. To prevent fraud and abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify any Referral Reward, Coupon Code or cancel any order.