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Best Robotic Vacuum Money Can Buy by Corvan

picaBot Sees. picaBot Maps. picaBot Cleans. All in Real-Time

This cleaning machine performs a real-time scan of the space. Next, it develops a floor plan. Then the cleaning begins.

picaBot Sees

Intuitive sensors fitted within the picaBot allow it to scan its surrounding environment and identify any obstructions in its way. Different from its dumb counterpart, it sees first and not bump its way around blindly.

picaBot Maps

From what it has seen, picaBot armed with artificial intelligence (AI), maps out a floor plan of the space it will clean. The most efficient cleaning path is planned out. You do not need to place it in each room individually. Just open all the room doors of your house and let it enter the rooms one by one doing its magic cleaning.

picaBot Returns to Charge Itself

With a 2-hour run-time, picaBot cleans up to 2,000 sq ft. During the cleaning, if it detects low power, the picaBot will return to its docking station to charge on its own. There is no need for you to look for it and carry it back for a power charge. After it is fully powered, it returns to complete its cleaning of the unfinished areas of your space.

picaBot Lets You See It Work

Now you can derive pleasure from watching your floors being swept, vacuumed, and mopped in real-time. The picaBot is proud to demonstrate its superior cleaning abilities through a real-time tracking app. You can monitor its path and decide how it should work by setting boundaries and spot cleaning sections. Show off to your family and friends how efficient picaBot is at cleaning your floors.

picaBot Cleans

This robotic vacuum-mop-sweep-in-1 appliance packs three cleaning features in one 3.5 kg circular body with length and width of 35 cm and a height of 10 cm. The picaBot thoroughly vacuums, sweeps, and mops your floors.

Suction power that is too high will result in higher power consumption, a noisier device, and the possibility of faster parts damage due to a high-temperature variation. However, if the suction power is too low, the cleaning is less effective. The picaBot features an optimum suction power of 2250 pa and a rotation speed of 180 rpm, which is just perfect, making it the most efficiently autonomous cleaning machine.

picaBot Cleans in the Dark

The picaBot comes equipped with extremely intelligent and highly sensitive sensors. Thus, it has no issues manoeuvring around tight corners and in-between furniture. It adapts to moving things like pets and human beings too. The picaBot does all these while cleaning its way in the dark.

picaBot is One-Click

With a single click on your phone or Apple’s smartwatch, the picaBot cleans as per your command. It is smart-home compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s smartwatch. You can start picaBot up from a different location remotely.

No more fur, hair, and dust on the floor when you return home, now you can go home to spotless floors with picaBot. Make this dream come true for you.


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