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Handimop SQUARE2 best quality and ergonomic spin mop- Korea engineered to the exact specification of Corvan to international standard.

1st in the world - bottom of the bucket water drainer. No more flipping heavy bucket to empty dirty water.

1st upward water pump mechanism to wash the bottom, the dirtiest part of the mop head

Handimop SQUARE2T

  • 1. Adjustable length

    -140cm long adjustable mop handle.

    - Extendable bucket handle with integrated rollers, true micro-fibre mop head, stable and fast spinning strainer, and water draining switch

    2. Less stressful and more enjoyable floor mopping experience

    -Ergonomic mop shaft are designed painstakingly

    -Stainless steel, light yet strong

    3. Hands-Off Dirty Water Mop -Saves you from contracting infection or skin allergy due to contact with chemical or dirty water.
    4. Anti-back Stress from floor mopping No need to lift heavy bucket and risk injuries - Slide out handle for easy movement of the bucket.